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Zenergy Kids Yoga Teacher Training Experience

An interview with Sam Isitt, the Founder and Principal Kids Yoga Teacher at Breathe & Flow Yoga. Hear all about his passion for teaching Kids Yoga and his recent experience with Zenergy Kids Yoga

Why are you passionate about teaching Kids Yoga?

With my background in Early Childhood Education I could see that the children needed ways to slow their busy bodies and minds down. Kids need to learn how to take a few deep breaths when they are in a fight or flight mode before reacting to challenging situations. 

It’s constantly go, go, go from the moment kids wake up to the moment they go to childcare. There is so much structure in a kid’s day and they don’t have time to slow down. 

I’m passionate about teaching Kids Yoga because I see all the amazing benefits that Kids Yoga brings to children. It teaches them self control, discipline, body awareness, balance, resilience, coordination and helps to calm them. I love the joy that Kids Yoga brings each child. Seeing them smile, laugh, play and seeing their excited happy faces when I walk through the door and they know it’s Kids Yoga day, makes me really happy.

Why did you decide to do the Zenergy Kids Yoga Teacher Training?

I decided to do the Zenergy Kids Yoga Teacher Training to get new inspiration, fresh ideas and a new way to look at Kids Yoga. I had heard incredible amazing things about Lorraine and Zenergy from some of my Kids Yoga Teachers and connections in the community, this made me really excited to start my journey with Zenergy.

What is a challenge that you face as a Kids Yoga Teacher? 

One of the things is classroom management. If there are disruptions in the class with kids acting up with their friends, they can be in a really high energy and disrupt their friends from getting all the benefits of the Kids Yoga.

How has the Zenergy Kids Yoga Teacher Training helped you overcome this challenge?

Lorraine’s training really helped me by giving me tools to help with classroom management. Setting the expectations of the kids and using new tools such as eye contact to manage the room. Setting up the room in a particular way to enhance the quality of the class was also a key feature.

What are some of the biggest takeaways from this Teacher Training for you?

It empowered me to be the best Kids Yoga Teacher there is and to keep learning as a Kids Yoga Teacher. 

I have made some lifelong friendships and met some super inspiring incredible humans that want to make a difference in the world. We shared knowledge between us and had a great time doing it. We all stay connected and check in with each other. That built a real sense of community.

What is a new element you plan to bring to your Kids Yoga classes from your Zenergy experience?

The way I structure my classes will be new after completing my Zenergy Advanced Kids Yoga Teacher Training. I learnt so many amazing new things about how to structure my classes and I can’t wait to bring that to my Kids Yoga classes.

What is one thing that amazed you about this Teacher Training? 

Learning about healthy hormones and the menstrual cycle was amazing and the positive effects that Kids Yoga has on young people and their hormones. 

I also learnt about flexible and strong joints for healthy growing bodies, this was an amazing part of my training.

What would you say to someone considering taking the Zenergy Kids Yoga Teacher Training?

Do it!

It is such an amazing experience, you won’t regret it. Lorraine is one of the best when it comes to Kids Yoga and has so much experience and knowledge. I highly recommend taking the leap and doing the training. It’s life changing.

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