Yoga Programs

We teach Kids Yoga Programs in Early Childhood Centres, Yoga for Educators, One on One Yoga and Kids Yoga Parties.


Kids Yoga Programs at early childhood centres

We bring our passion and expertise in Kids Yoga to Early Childhood Centres all across Australia. 

Our kids yoga programs are linked with the Early Learning Years Framework. Our Kids Yoga sessions help children to develop coordination, self control, discipline and resilience. Each session is play based with creative movement, games, yoga poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness, imagination, dance and music. 

Our highly skilled team of Kids Yoga Teachers bring Breathe & Flow Yoga to your Early Childhood Centre. We offer weekly classes, term packages and events.


My girls do the kids yoga with Sam once a month and they absolutely love it. Our 4 year old gets so excited for her yoga, and she gets so much out of her session. Sam is the most calm, engaging teacher who puts so much thought and energy into his classes, highly recommend!

My 2 year old son absolutely adores his time each week with Mr Sam at his childcare. He comes home so excited to recreate and teach everyone in the household the yoga poses, counting and breathing he has learnt. It makes me so happy as a parent to see my crazy, energetic child take the time to slow down and enjoy every minute of it, learning valuable life skills in the process.

Monday's are a great day in this house hold. My son comes home from daycare much more calmer on Monday's than any other day of the week. I can thank Breathe & Flow Yoga for that.

Kids can't help but have a good time! Sam is fun and friendly and the yoga is perfectly matched with kids ages, abilities, focus and time. It's a favourite with our kids!

My kids love doing yoga with Breathe & Flow Yoga. They have fun! But I see it’s also so great for their focus, balance and teaching them techniques to pause and centre themselves that they’ll have for life.



yoga for educators

At Breathe & Flow Yoga we care about all our students, Educators and Teachers. We offer Yoga sessions specifically designed for Educators. The Yoga sessions are 60 minutes where we take you through an easy to follow sequence, we will open and relax the body, calm the mind and increase energy and focus. 

The sessions include Yoga, Mindfulness and stress relief techniques. You don’t have to be flexible to do Yoga. Yoga has so many benefits and can help you to avoid burnout and reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga helps to boost immunity and strengthens the respiratory system. 

Breathe & Flow Yoga Teachers come to your Early Childhood Centre to teach the Yoga for Educators sessions. We bring all the Yoga mats and props for the session. 

Book a Yoga for Educators session for your Educators and look after your team so they are able to give more to their students.


One on One Yoga Sessions

One on One Kids & Adults Yoga Sessions are a wonderful way to experience yoga in the comfort of your home. Traditionally that is the way yoga was taught.

One on One Yoga is much more than just a yoga class. Our expert Yoga Teachers work with adults and children to meet their needs. 

We take the time to find out what your wishes are for each session and we design a class specifically for you.

We provide One on One Yoga Sessions for:

  • Kids
  • Adults

Contact us for more information about One on One Yoga Sessions for you or your children. 


kids yoga parties

Breathe and Flow Yoga love to host exciting and fun personalised yoga parties for your children.

We create amazing experiences based on your child’s favourite theme or one of our birthday party themes.

These include lots of yoga games, a gift for each child and the birthday child, facepaint, rainbow props and lots of fun.

Contact us for more information or to book your child’s Yoga party! 

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