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Yoga Nurtures the Development of Children

Yoga is a powerful tool to nurture the wellbeing and development of young children. It has a positive impact on their development and their lives.

Early Childhood is a crucial stage of development. It’s where children build their physical, emotional and cognitive foundations and this all shapes their future. Yoga is a powerful tool to nurture the wellbeing and development of young children. It has a positive impact on their development and lives. 

When children do yoga it enhances their gross motor skills, balance and coordination. By practising the yoga poses they develop their strength and flexibility. These physical benefits help children’s growth and create the foundations for an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine shows the positive effects of yoga on emotional regulation and stress reduction in children. The study reported that regular yoga practice resulted in decreased anxiety, improved mood, and increased self-esteem among young participants. The incorporation of mindfulness techniques, deep breathing exercises, and relaxation practices in yoga sessions helped children develop emotional resilience and cope with everyday challenges effectively. This research confirms that yoga significantly contributes to the emotional wellbeing and social development of children in their early years.

This evidence based research into the benefits of yoga on children’s development, shows us that yoga is a valuable tool that promotes the development of children in early childhood. It enhances their physical abilities and emotional regulation, along with their cognitive skills and social skills. By introducing children to yoga we see the way it nurtures them to grow into healthy, happy and connected individuals who gain all the benefits of yoga for their lives.

In our Breathe & Flow Yoga classes we create a safe space for children to explore their emotions. We incorporate mindfulness and breathing exercises in our Kids Yoga Program. These practices help children to enhance their self awareness, emotional regulation and help to reduce stress as well. We see in our weekly sessions in Early Childhood Centres that with regular practice children develop a sense of calm and build more resilience. 

Yoga helps children to develop a positive outlook by nurturing their emotional wellbeing. 

There is a focus in yoga on the integration of mind, body and breath. This awareness helps children to manage stress, anxiety and other challenges they may encounter. Another way we see yoga improving the wellbeing of children and enhancing their development. 

Yoga nurtures children’s wellbeing, self awareness and social skills. With regular practice children gain more self care and personal growth. We love to see Early Childhood Centres, Directors and Educators embracing yoga as a valuable tool to support children’s development and empower them to thrive in their lives. 

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