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Yoga Increases Social Support and Social Skills in Children

Yoga increases the social support and social skills in children by boosting mood and enhancing their overall wellbeing.

According to research early childhood is the key life period for developing social and emotional skills. Age appropriate Yoga and mindfulness programs can contribute to the development of critical skills in children. 

Here are some of the ways we see children enhancing their social skills and social support through the practice of Yoga: 

Social Support in Groups 

Breathe & Flow Yoga classes are delivered in a group practice and this provides an opportunity for children to interact with other children in a safe and supportive environment. This can help children to build relationships and increase their social support within the Early Childhood setting and at home. 


Partner Yoga poses are designed to be practised with a partner and this can help children to develop cooperation and team building skills. By doing partner Yoga children learn to build trust and enhance their communication skills.

Managing Emotions 

Yoga can help children to manage their emotions and develop self regulating tools. By developing these tools and skills children can improve their social skills. The ways we see this in children in early childhood education is when they are more responsive and respectful to other children, their families and educators. 

Reducing Social Anxiety 

Yoga is a non competitive practice and when kids practice Yoga it encourages them to explore their abilities at a pace that suits them. This helps children to feel more comfortable and included in social situations. It also helps to reduce the feelings of social anxiety. Children come out of their shells in Yoga and enjoy being part of the group with other children and their friends. 

Experts in Kids Yoga 

At Breathe & Flow Yoga our expert Kids Yoga Teacher’s serve as positive role models for all the children in our classes. We aim to demonstrate the importance of kindness and compassion. By modelling this in our Early Childhood Yoga Program classes we help children to develop these same qualities and see them applying it in social settings and interactions with other children and adults. 

Yoga has a positive impact on children of all ages and helps them to increase their social support and social skills. This increases their overall sense of well-being and boosts their mood.

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