Yoga for Educators

We offer Yoga sessions specifically designed for Educators.


yoga for educators

Are your Educators burnt out or feeling stressed? 

Educators have so many decisions to make and tasks to complete throughout the day. Add to that meetings, paperwork, emails, planning, teaching and more meetings. There is burnout, pressure and stress in the role of an Educator. 

One answer to this might be our Yoga for Educators sessions. 

Yoga is a simple and effective tool to reduce stress, anxiety and burnout for Educators and Teachers. 

At Breathe & Flow Yoga we care about all our students, Educators and Teachers. We offer Yoga sessions Australia wide specifically designed for Educators. The Yoga sessions are 60 minutes where we take you through an easy to follow sequence, we will open and relax the body, calm the mind and increase energy and focus. 

The sessions include Yoga, Mindfulness and stress relief techniques. You don’t have to be flexible to do Yoga. Yoga has so many benefits and can help you to avoid burnout and reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga helps to boost immunity and strengthens the respiratory system. 

Breathe & Flow Yoga Teachers come to your Early Childhood Centre to teach the Yoga for Educators sessions. We bring all the Yoga mats and props for the session. 

All your Educators need to do is wear comfortable clothing and join the session. 

Price:  $180 for a 60 minute Yoga session

Contact us to book your Yoga for Educators session. 

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