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Yoga for Children - Evidence Based

Yoga nurtures children’s physical, emotional and cognitive growth.

By blending mindfulness, creativity and movement we enhance the lives of children and families, in every early childhood centre we deliver our Kids Yoga program to. 

Yoga is recognised for its great physical and psychological benefits. Children can practise yoga from as early as 1.5 years in our Kids Yoga Programs around Australia. We are alway excited to read new evidenced based research into the benefits of kids yoga. 

A pivotal study from the ‘Journal of Early Childhood Research’ confirms the significance of introducing yoga and mindfulness to young children. Key takeaways from the research include:

  1. Emotional regulation for toddlers and young kids who showed improved abilities to handle their emotions, reducing instances of outbursts or tantrums.
  2. Enhanced cognitive skills with regular yoga practice, children fostered better attention span, memory and problem solving abilities.
  3. Overall wellbeing from physical flexibility and strength, children showed higher levels of happiness, calmness and less anxiety.

Incorporating yoga in early childhood education introduces a new activity that actually balances children’s emotions, makes them more resilient and creates happy, calm kids. Stories create imaginative wonder and in each class the children learn discipline, compassion and communication skills. All valuable lessons for their development. 

At Breathe & Flow Yoga we’re thrilled to be teaching wonderful yoga experiences for our young learners.

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