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Yoga Builds Connection

Kids Yoga brings connection to self, within families, friends and community. It’s great to see the connections and friendships that spring from our Kids Yoga classes in Early Childhood Centres.

Yoga is a wonderful tool that gives children physical and mental wellbeing. It has the ability to build connections and strengthen relationships too. Children sometimes struggle to form deep and meaningful connections with their family, friends and other children due to the constant use of technology, screens and devices. Yoga is a way for children to build meaningful connections, have a connection to self, and deepen the connection they have with their families and friends. 

Yoga can help children to connect with their bodies and slow down their busy minds. They learn to do this by tuning into their breath and moving their bodies with awareness. Children develop a deeper understanding of their physical and emotional needs during yoga. This increased self awareness helps children to make better choices, set boundaries and improve their communication.

Yoga helps children to build strong connections with their family and friends. We often hear feedback from Educators and parents that the children went home and practiced their new yoga skills with their family members. They love to show their parents, siblings and carers what they learnt in their Breathe & Flow Yoga classes and get their families involved in the yoga and mindfulness practices. When they practice yoga with their family members they have an opportunity to bond in a meaningful way and share beautiful practices together. Yoga can also help children and their families to learn to listen to each other and respect boundaries. 

When children practice yoga with other children and friends, they support each other and celebrate achievements together. They learn to trust, communicate effectively and respect boundaries by practicing their yoga and mindfulness skills. 

Yoga improves self awareness, acceptance and helps children to develop deeper understandings of themselves and their needs. Yoga is an excellent way for children to be social and improve their communication skills. Yoga classes for children provide a fun and engaging environment where they can learn new poses, practice mindfulness and connect with other children.  

Introduce the children in your Early Childhood Centre to Yoga with our Breathe & Flow Yoga classes for Early Childhood Education.

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