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new Curriculum Announcement

Launching our new Curriculum in 2023!

We are very happy to announce we are launching our amazing new Early Childhood Yoga Curriculum for 2023. Each week will have a different theme and focus which is age appropriate, play based and lots of fun.

Our curriculum is a framework for the children in our classes to learn and grow each term. Our new Kids Yoga Program Curriculum centres around play based and active learning.

Breathe and Flow Yoga classes are fun and interactive. We use imagination, Yoga stories, Yoga adventures and props during our Kids Yoga classes. Children learn key life skills and gain all the benefits of Kids Yoga during each Breathe & Flow Yoga session.

The Breathe & Flow Yoga Curriculum Includes:

  • Evidence based Kids Yoga and Mindfulness activities 
  • Is the Foundation of our Kids Yoga Programs for 2023
  • Meets the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Is designed to address the core needs of children at your Early Childhood Centre

The new Curriculum is included in all our Kids Yoga Programs in 2023.

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