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Kids Yoga Activities to Help Children De-stress

Kids are so overwhelmed by being busy from the moment they wake up to when they go to bed. Kids take on their parents stress and busyness, which impacts their lives and mood. Educators can also be stressed out and tired from long days at work. 

Yoga has been proven to lower stress levels in adults and the same thing applies to kids. Today kids are under so much pressure, their days are filled with daycare, school, sport and other activities. It’s really important that kids learn how to deal with stress before they go to school. Yoga teaches kids tools to self regulate and cope with stress. This can be so helpful when kids start prep or school.

How to release stress:

  • When kids do Yoga they calm their busy bodies and minds down
  • There is so much more to Yoga than stretching. It can bring positive affirmations into kids lives, it’s proven to improve mood and makes you feel relaxed and calm. 
  • Kids Yoga poses have so many benefits. 
  • Kids can use Yoga to help themselves calm down when they are in flight or fight mode. Rather than reacting they can take deep breaths and change their mood. 
  • During our kids yoga sessions we end with a meditation or massage. This helps the kids to ground and feel good, and the feelings last long after the class.

Yoga is SO much fun:

  • Yoga is so much fun, in our kids Yoga classes everyone is smiling, laughing and playing.
  • Kids experience a lot of joy in our kids Yoga classes. This helps to boost their mood and release stress.
  • When we focus on having fun, we let go of our worries and make room for happy endorphins to kick in. 
  • The kids have so much fun doing yoga together. 
  • Yoga helps kids to build skills in teamwork, trust and connection. They share and learn yoga together, all with smiles and laughter.

Here are some Yoga poses for kids to destress: 


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