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How Yoga Helps Children with Focus and Concentration

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Some of the problems we see in Early Childhood Education in children is their ability to concentrate and stay focused.

Yoga is a great way for children to learn how to become more aware of their emotions and feelings. With greater awareness, children learn how to separate their feelings from difficult experiences throughout the day.

Yoga helps children to become socially connected to the world around them and supports their individual personalities too.

After Breathe & Flow Yoga classes, kids go home and show their families what they have been learning in Yoga. Children also take the moves they learn and use them to calm down during stressful parts of their day.

At Breathe & Flow Yoga we bring our passion and expertise in Kids Yoga to Early Childhood Centres all across Australia. Our Kids Yoga Programs are linked with the Early Years Learning Framework. Our Kids Yoga sessions help children to develop focus, concentration, coordination, self control, discipline and resilience. Each session is play based with creative movement, games, yoga poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness, imagination, dance and music.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced with children in early childhood. We offer weekly classes, term packages and events.

Learn more about our Early Childhood Yoga Program here

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