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Growing Social & Emotional Wellbeing in Children

In Early Childhood Education it’s common for children to engage in disruptive behaviours. They can refuse to follow directions, disrupt the class and not be able to control their emotions.

Challenging behaviours are due to children not having the emotional and social skills they need to behave in a certain way at your Early Childhood Centre. This can be a response to them feeling overwhelmed, stressed or tired. They might be struggling to process these emotions without the right tools. 

In Kids Yoga we work with techniques that address challenging behaviours in the Early Childhood setting. 

Here are some of the ways Yoga is a beneficial practice for children with behavioural issues: 

  1. Yoga can help children develop greater self-awareness and emotional regulation skills by teaching them to recognize and respond to their own emotions in a calm and controlled way. 
  2. Through regular practice, children can learn to identify and manage negative emotions like stress, anxiety and anger.
  3. Yoga breathing practices and relaxation techniques can help reduce stress and anxiety in children, which can be a trigger for challenging behaviours

Yoga can be a helpful tool for children to learn that enhances positive behaviours and reduces the challenging ones.

We have helped thousands of children, families and Educators around Australia to address the challenging behaviours we see in Early Childhood Education. By delivering quality Kids Yoga classes to children aged 1 to 5 years we create positive learning experiences to reduce the challenging behaviours.

Children benefit from Yoga as a way to regulate their emotions and stress. They learn the tools needed to process their emotions, improve mood and lower the amount of anxiety they experience. 

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