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Yoga has many physical and mental health benefits for children of all ages.

Yoga is really beneficial for the emotional wellbeing of children. Including children ages 1.5 to 5 years old in Early Childhood Education. We see the benefits of yoga every day when we teach children in Early Childhood Centres. 

There is lots of research into the positive impact yoga has on the emotional wellbeing of children. 

One study published in The Journal of Child and Family Studies in 2016 called “The Effects of Yoga on Preschool Children’s Emotional Wellbeing” investigated the impact of yoga on the emotional wellbeing of pre-school age children. The study involved 60 children between the ages of 3 and 5, who participated in a 10 week yoga program. The children’s emotional wellbeing was assessed before and after the yoga program. The results revealed a significant improvement in emotional wellbeing, including decreased levels of anxiety and increased levels of positive emotions. The children’s happiness and contentment was enhanced by the yoga program. This study proves that yoga programs in early childhood can effectively enhance emotional wellbeing in young children. 

This research into the wellbeing of children doing yoga shows that by introducing kids to yoga at an early age they can improve their emotional wellbeing.

Yoga provides a platform for children to explore all their emotions and promotes emotional health at an early age. In our classes we use various poses, breathing exercises, games and relaxation techniques that help children to connect to their inner selves, identify their emotions and communicate with others their feelings. 

We practise being fully present and in the moment in our classes. Children learn to focus their attention on their body, breath and all the sensations that come from moving and yoga poses. This creates more mindful kids and helps them to develop their concentration and self regulation ability. 

Yoga is a wonderful tool to enhance the emotional wellbeing of children. By introducing yoga to children in early childhood we empower them to have lifelong skills and improve their emotional health and happiness.

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