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Christmas Yoga Poses

As the festive season starts to sparkle all around us we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

This year has been remarkable. We are so happy with our Kids Yoga Program and new Curriculum that has brought joy, happiness and many new skills to young ones around Australia. 

Your festive treat is below! Here are some of our favourite Christmas Kids Yoga Poses, perfect for the season! These are fun and engaging poses that bring in the Christmas spirit. Try these with your little ones and let us know how you go. We love to hear from you.

Christmas Kids Yoga Poses 🎅

Christmas Tree Pose is a fun and easy pose to build focus in children and improves balance and posture.

How to do Christmas Tree Pose:

  1. Begin in Mountain pose. 
  2. Plant all four corners of the right foot into the mat. Externally rotate the left leg out placing the ball of the foot on the ground and the left heel on the right ankle.
  3. Stick your hands together at your heart 
  4. Find a focal point and then grow your branches to the sky. Challenge yourself by looking up or closing your eyes.
  5. Swap sides.

Christmas Bow Pose opens your shoulders from the front of the body, relieving tightness and reducing slouching, which can improve your posture. 

How to do Christmas Bow Pose:

  1. Lie on your belly.
  2. Bend your knees and reach your hands back palms facing each other and thumbs down.
  3. Grasp ankles or tops of the feet below the toes.
  4. Press shins back while drawing feet upward.
  5. Firm the belly in and up, navel toward spine.
  6. Rise thighs, knees, chest and shoulders away from the floor.

Gingerbread Man Pose will utilise every muscle in the body. It strengthens the legs, ankles, abdomen, and back. It can also help reduce the effects of sciatica and flat feet. By providing more space for the lungs and heart, this pose also improves circulation and respiration.

How to do Gingerbread Man Pose:

  1. First extend your legs nice and wide. 
  2. Then reach your arms out. 
  3. Now twinkle your fingers & toes.
  4. Sing the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Candy Cane Pose opens the front of the body, and strengthens the respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

How to do Candy Cane Pose:

  1. Standing up. Pretend to glue your hands together 1 2 3 stick keep your hands stuck together reaching as tall as you can reach your hands over your head
  2. Looking up at the roof or the sky. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth

Christmas Stocking Pose is a side stretch pose. It stretches the arms, shoulders and psoas muscles.The pose is relaxing and addresses the kidneys and liver functioning. 

How to do Christmas Stocking Pose:

  1. Start by sitting on your knees
  2. Put one hand on your knee, reach your other hand up to the sky and bend over to the side your hand is.
  3. Switch your hands and arms.
  4. Breathing in and out on each side. 

Have a merry Christmas and happy new year! 

From Happy Clients at Breathe & Flow Yoga:

My kids can’t help but have a good time! Sam is fun and friendly and the yoga is perfectly matched with kids ages, abilities, focus and time. It’s a favourite with our kids!

– Anneke Kim

My kids love doing yoga with Breathe & Flow Yoga. They have fun! But I see it’s also great for their focus, balance and teaching them techniques to pause and centre themselves that they’ll have for life.

– Nikki Spivey


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