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Benefits of Yoga for Kids & Families

To me Yoga is connection, calm, love and joy.

Yoga teaches us how to slow down and be more mindful of our breathing.

We live in a busy and demanding world. It’s important that we take the time to be conscious of our breath and be present. This can help with different situations that arise. Rather than reacting to challenges or problems, Yoga helps us to think before we react. It helps with children to concentrate and listen.

Yoga is a great tool for you to take into the classroom and to bring home. Educators can use the amazing tools that we teach in our Early Childhood Yoga Programs in the classroom to deal with challenging situations and behaviours. Often these situations arise when kids are in fight or flight mode.

Parents can also use the tools they learn from their children to help them regulate and calm down during challenging moments. Yoga gives us an opportunity to reset, calm and focus the body and mind.

One of my students was in the car with his mum recently and he noticed his mum getting frustrated whilst driving. My student reminded his mum to breathe by saying “Take a few deep breaths mum.”  He learnt this skill during our kids Yoga sessions at his Early Childhood Centre.

The amazing tools that children learn through Yoga can be applied throughout their lives.

To me, kids Yoga is more than Yoga poses, it is deep and meaningful and has lots of amazing benefits for children and families.

See some of the benefits of Yoga for kids and families below:

  • Yoga helps kids to develop confidence and positivity in their lives
  • Yoga teaches kids how to manage stress through mindfulness, breathing exercises and healthy movement
  • By practicing Yoga kids develop balance and flexibility
  • Kids learn coordination through Yoga
  • Practicing Yoga increases awareness and focus
  • Yoga teaches kids how to respect their friends, other people and the environment
  • Yoga encourages teamwork and kids take the skills they learn home to show their families

Breathe & Flow Yoga teaches Kids Yoga Programs at Early Childhood Centre’s around Australia. Contact us today to book a Kids Yoga Session at your Early Childhood Centre.

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