TAYLA kids yoga teacher Fitness & wellbeing

Tayla is completing her Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training as well as studying teaching with Rainbow Kids Yoga. Tayla is very passionate about mental health and wellness. Tayla has a background in fitness and working as a barista. She found the missing link in the fitness & wellness space was mental health. When Tayla discovered yoga a few years ago, she fell in love with the mental and physical benefits of the practice. Her life has excelled forward since.

Tayla loves teaching Kids Yoga because children are like sponges, absorbing everything around them. 

“I teach them that they can be authentic, calm, and self-expressive through connection to their bodies and imagination. It lights me up to know that our impact in teaching children to be present and have fun in a very busy world can set them up to be happy, healthy humans. In my spare time, you can find me reading a book in nature, practicing breathwork/meditation to connect with myself or exercising at the gym” say’s Tayla.

Connection to self and others is one of Tayla’s biggest values. She is happiest when with family and friends, or attending a conscious event to connect with like minded people.

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