Breathe & Flow Yoga

Kids Yoga Programs taught by expert Kids Yoga Teachers, aligned with the National Quality Standards & linked to the Early Years Learning Framework.


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Our mission is to give children the tools to be happy, calm and connected. We want to see all kids thrive and be the best versions of themselves. 

Kids yoga enhances children’s self esteem, concentration, focus and emotional regulation. It encourages kids to be compassionate, caring & respectful. We inspire children through physical movement, breathing, mindfulness & play based yoga.

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we bring our passion & expertise to early childhood

We bring our passion and expertise in Kids Yoga to Early Childhood Centres all across Australia. 

Our kids yoga programs are linked with the Early Learning Years Framework. Our Kids Yoga sessions help children to develop coordination, self control, discipline and resilience. Each session is play based with creative movement, games, yoga poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness, imagination, dance and music. 

Our highly skilled team of Kids Yoga Teachers bring Breathe & Flow Yoga to your Early Childhood Centre. We offer weekly classes, term packages and events.



Meet our team of qualified Kids Yoga Teachers who provide learning experiences for children of all ages at your Early Childhood Centre.

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